The Shoot Out


The Biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. We are fascinated by this sport and its combination of physical exertion and calm precision. Because we live in the desert skiing is impractical, so we are proud to introduce: BIKEATHLON.

Athletes will compete on a road course completeing 12, 15 or 18  half mile long laps depending on their category. They will stop 3 times to shoot rifles from standing, kneeling and prone positions. The race is timed and bonuses are awarded based on the rifle shooting score. The goal of the race is the fastest overall time. Intermediate and expert athletes complete more laps and shoot from longer distances.

If you have a road bike (tires narrower than 32mm) sign up for the road category.

If your bike tires are wider than 32mm sign up in the mountain category (the course is still on pavement)

Men, Women and Youth (15 and under) will be scored separately.

ATTENTION NEW ATHLETES! Please fill out the mandatory Ted's Shooting Range Waiver (different than the registration waiver).





Travis Jones
28:25 (2 / 4 / 2)

Wayne Ulrich
29:46 (4 / 3 / 4)

Quincy Haarer 
29:35 (2 / 2 / 2)



Alex Davidson 
37:59 (1 / 1 / 0)

Sara Roberts
41:12 (0 / 2 / 1)



Jesus Cota
21:19 (1 / 3 / 5)

Randy Quismorio
23:26 (2 / 4 / 4)

Wayde Shimoda
27:19 (2 / 2 / 4)

George Robinson *Juniors*
24:11 (1 / 3 / 4)



Yoko Shimoda
23:32 (4 / 2 / 5)

Jennifer Curtis 
30:08 (1 / 2 / 3)



Jesus Cota
25:09 (3 / 3 / 4)

Dominic Schur
28:12 (2 / 5 / 3)

Dan McClure 
37:22 (1 / 2 / 3)



Sarah Roberts 
31:27 (2 / 3 / 3)



Phil Panipinto
20:44 (1 / 5 / 4)

Adrian Betti 
23:27 (3 / 5 / 4)

Travis Jones
29:16 (3 / 3 / 1)



Stephanie Hurtt
44:30 (1 / 2 / 4)


Bike:  The course is on a very quiet public road, the rules of the road apply as the course is not closed. If you have a flat tire or mechanical issue you will be awarded a free lap but must resolve the issue on your own. Helmets required. Drafting is legal so riders may not ride on aerobars. Bike should be in good working order with working brakes. All Youth will race with the 'Novice' category, scored separetely.

The road bike category is intended for road bikes and tri bikes however any bike with tires narrower than 31mm will be considered a road bike.  Bring your own bike or rent one ahead of time (Two-wheel Jones Rental)

The mountain category is for any bike with tires wider than 32mm, mountain bikes, hybrids, cruisers. Bring your own or rent one ahead of time (Two-wheel Jones Rental)

Rifle: Your registration includes the cost of a rental rifle however you may compete with your own rifle. Rifles must be bolt action, NO semi automatic or auto loading rifles. Rifles must be .22lr caliber only. Rifles may only be equipt with iron sights no optics of any kind are permitted. Rifles will always be pointed down range. If a shooter encounters a problem with their rifle that they do not know how to handle they will raise thair hand and wait for the range master. Rifles will be unloaded, magazine out and action open before leaving the lane. Rifles will not be removed from the lane from check in until scoring is complete. No one is permitted to be forward of the firing line from check in until scoring is complete. Any safety violations will result in disqualification.

If you have some familiarity with shooting but have not handled a bolt action rifle we will have a familiarization class and shoot on Saturday before the race at 9:00am, 12:00pm or 3:00pm at Ted's Shooting Range. The familiarization course is free except for the cost of your ammunition.  The rifles used for the competition are numbered to match the lane they are assigned to. We will have your lane assignment available on the Saturday before the race so that you can shoot the same rifle you will use during competition. If you have no shooting experience we encourage attending a basic rifle class at Ted's Shooting Range.

The race begins on the bike with a mass start (groups of 20) on our 1/2 mile long road course. Athletes will complete the assigned  laps then dismount at the transition area. After donning hearing and eye protection riders will proceed to their designated lane in the range and load then fire 5 rounds at their target from a standing position. The rifle will be unloaded before leaving the shooting position. The competitor then returns to the bike course to complete their second leg. The second course of fire is performed in a kneeling position before completing the last leg on the bike. The final course of fire is 5 rounds prone. Racers then exit the lanes and anounce Their number 'Finished' to the timing official.

Novice category completes 3 laps per leg and shoots from the 15 yard line

Intermediate category completes 5 laps per leg and shoots from the 20 yard line

Expert category completes 6 laps per leg and shoots from the 25 yard line. Expert category is by invite based upon previous results.

For every hit that a shooter scores standing 1 minute will be deducted from their finish time, for each hit scored kneeling :45 seconds will be deducted and for each hit scored prone :30 seconds will be deducted. The rider in each category with the shortest total time wins their category.

New athletes may choose to compete in either Novice or intermediate based upon their athleticism and preferance.


6:00am Registration and packet pick up open

6:30am Mandatory Safety brief and walk through familiarization for first time athletes (First time competitors must attend or will not be allowed to race)

7:00am Expert Shootout race start (by invite only)- Riders can use their road or mountain bike, male or female categories (scored seperately).

7:50am Novice Shootout Race Start - Riders can use their road or mountain bike, male or female categories (scored seperately).

8:50am Intermediate Mountain Bike Shootout

9:30am Intermediate Road Bike Shootout