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Custom Wheel Builds


Two-wheel Jones has specialized in custom wheel builds since 2008. Bicycle wheel technology has progressed so greatly that there is a flood of both low cost machine-built wheels as well as high end performance wheels available today. However all off the shelf wheels share the same problem, they were built to meet the needs of a marketing department or a price point not the needs of your demanding ride.

Ride a wheel built for you. Each of our custom wheels is different just as every rider is different. We select the hubs, rims, spokes and nipples for your wheel based upon you (weight, power, style) and how you ride (commuting, group rides, crit races, cross country, trail riding, enduro) as well as your budget. Once your parts have been selected your wheel is laced in a pattern specific to your needs.

We take great pride in our craftsmanship and delivering precision results with tolerances simply unachievable by factory machines. Each spoke is prepped based upon your wheels design then hand laced to your selected hub and rim combo. All spokes are pre stressed to the hub and brought up to tension, dish and true by hand. We ensure that each spoke is tensioned to the rim manufacturer’s specifications using a spoke tensionometer. Your wheel is pre stressed to ensure that it holds it’s true and maintains its tension. We measure all tolerances to ensure a truly precise build. Our wheels are true laterally, radially and in dish to a tolerance of .5 mm.

The experience of building, owning and riding a custom wheel set can simply not be matched to off the shelf wheels.


(As told by our very own Travis Jones)
Two-wheel Jones Rider Phil P

2010 PHIL P:

Phil P is a multi discipline rider; he raced road and cyclo-cross as well as mountain. Phil is a light weight rider with good power output who wanted a light weight road race wheel that would be strong enough to also race cyclo-cross (back then many cross bikes still used rim brakes). I built Phil’s wheels using DT Swiss hub’s DT Revolution Spokes and Edge (now Enve) rims. I increased the spoke count slightly to accommodate his cyclo-cross racing.

Phil raced several seasons of road and cross on this set including a fantastic crash at the cross race and Superstition Farms. Phil misjudged a bunny hop over an 18” high concrete pad and punched his front wheel directly into the obstacle at 15 MPH. Phil was thrown over the bars and his cross bike frame was broken is several places. He brought the wheels in for inspection; they were still as straight as the day he bought them. Almost nine years later Phil is still riding these wheels on his road bike.

Two-wheel Jones Rider Joe S

2016 Joe S:

Joe S is one of Arizona’s strongest amateur racers, a former road racer who now focuses on Mountain bikes. Joe is a bigger rider with lots of power and a history of destroying name brand wheels from numerous manufacturers. After numerous hub and nipple failures on 2 separate sets of name brand wheels we re-built Joe’s road and mountain wheel’s using DT Swiss hubs and spokes with brass nipples. His road wheels have run solid for thousands of miles and his cross country mountain bike wheels have withstood several grueling seasons of mountain bike racing to include back to back victories at The Epic Rides Whiskey Off Road 50, Arizona’s most prestigious mountain bike race.