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Bicycle Fits & Adjustments

If you're uncomfortable on your bike, suffering from numb hands, saddle sores, a stiff neck, achy wrists or back pain, it's very likely that your bicycle is contributing to the problems if not causing them. Our highly trained technicians can get you fit today!

Bike Rentals in Mesa, Arizona

Bike Rentals in Mesa, Arizona

Whether you're visiting town and need a bike or just wanting to test out a new one on your favorite trail, our bike rental service has something for you! We offer high quality rental bikes at reasonable prices. Add to that the outstanding service you'd expect from a family run bike shop and you can't go wrong renting from us!

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Pedal Paddle Pilsner

It’s that time of year again! We are excited to be partnering up with our friends No Snow for our 2019 PPP. This is a family friendly event which combines cycling and stand up paddle boarding.
May 19th, 2019 6am Start Time


Group Rides

We have group rides for every level of cyclists, and we ensure that you are comfortable and never left behind.

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